How Low?

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Recorded in 2000 at Prism Studios, Stoke-on-Trent by Shaun Lowe. Chris Minney- Vocals, Dan Peach- Rhythm Guitar, Charlie Cooper- Drums & Vocals, Danny Carden- Lead Guitar, Andy Pancheri- Bass.



Do not use me, don't abuse me, I am not your whipping boy.
You can't make me do your dance 'cos I am not a wind up toy!
You try to make yourself feel good, talk down to everyone you know.
The only question left to ask is just how low will you go?

How low will you go?

Spend all day talking to your friends, but you don't have a thing to say.
And one day soon you'll realise they never liked you anyway.
You see the world the way you do because your private life's a mess.
Dishonesty's no policy so this I must confess... You're low!

How low to the bottom? How low can you fall?
How many steps do you descend before you forget you're human?


from Crest Of A Crime Wave, released January 28, 2013



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