Shadows Of Reality

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Recorded in 1998 at Magic Garden Studios, Wolverhampton by Gavin Monaghan. Chris Minney- Vocals & Bass, Dan Peach- Rhythm Guitar, Charlie Cooper- Drums, Andy Smith- Lead Guitar.



Stand clear, step down, release again. It hurts inside to lose my friend.
I bared my heart in life, now fists raised to the sky, never did say just how much I cared.
My sympathy rests with me down here.
You led me to the hard times and it seems they're a little unfair.
So what do you do, ain't no guide to this, you're banging your head and shaking your fist. You're back in the zoo and the ghosts turn the screws in your head.
And now and then I see your face, I hear your voice and curse my fate.
Nowhere to run or hide, I'm caught on the inside, this tainted pane of glass won't break.
Take a look at yourself, and you'll find you're just a shade in the mirror.
You're no longer a man, you're a myth, and you're getting no nearer.
You just want to dissolve cos you can't find no peace.
It's in the back of your mind but you don't got the key.
You don't want to be free, now the likeness of me ain't no nearer.
Now you won't fight back, cos nothing seems to matter, well to fuck with you, you just got to get a head on.
Just to listen to you, it makes me scream and shout.
Fresh out of ideas cos you sucked your fuckin' brains out.
Don't waste your time on misery, shut up a minute, now you listen to me, you got the key to unlock the door, but you won't do that, cos you long for agony.
Just a shadow of reality.
To find a solution, you've got to start with yourself.
Don't lay it on me cos there's nobody else.
I won't give you sorry nor security, now be a man not a child, so stand on your feet.
Take a look at yourself and to yourself be true, and you'll find just a broken shell of you.
Take a grip of yourself and your destiny.
Don't die like a dead man, just die like me.


from Crest Of A Crime Wave, released January 28, 2013



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