Recorded in 2000 at Prism Studios, Stoke-on-Trent by Shaun Lowe. Chris Minney- Vocals, Dan Peach- Rhythm Guitar, Charlie Cooper- Drums & Vocals, Danny Carden- Lead Guitar, Andy Pancheri- Bass.



I got a 2 am revelation looking down on the face of the girl I'm embracing.
You see, I thought I new, but I was never sure, because I wanted you but got a whole lot more.
I got your problems and your power trips. I got your PMT and your bullshit.
I got your mind games and your vanity, and a bruise or two and your STD.
Now I'm tired, 3 or 4 fights in the same night, looking at you screaming at me to pass the time.
Matters are hard, situations are tight, but looking back things were never alright.
Time after time after time, sing the same line, cry the same way, wasting my life.
Now I live for the magic moments in the morning before you open your eyes, and your blistered lips engage round 5.

I'm Tired!

I got a 10 am revelation looking down on the face that bears all of my hatred.
I see it in your eyes, and hear it in your lies, and smell it on your breath, the stench of the snakebite.
And I'm living in a concrete heaven, all cooped up in run down 5 by 7.
With no space to pace or think or breathe or get some rest. For all the fucking mess.
If I was a Buddhist and believed in a soul, I'd sing my mantra "Fuck it all, fuck it all fuck it all"
And feel a bit better about life in this hole. But then I never got the religious call.
So please cut me some slack, turn your back and walk way 'cos I'm having a bad day.
And you're the chip on my shoulder, thorn in my side and tax on my pay, so get the fuck out my face!

I got a sometime soon revelation looking down on the face of a girl whose mind's racing.
She's got no teeth and her neck's in a brace. She hangs out down the road where she's a mental patient.
Now her friends all say I'm a psycho, but they never heard the tick tick tick of a time bomb
And they got no right to say it was my fault. I know I was just tired, tired, tired.


from Crest Of A Crime Wave, released January 28, 2013



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